Erm.... Hiyah, Peoples. :D Name's Mr. Randem, and I play DFO, and I hope you all welcome me to the site!!!

Now to be serious on a note, since DFO has been released in the N. American continent, more and more noobs and Leroy Jenkins will flood this site with bull info and all their meaning-less opinions.

I want every true gamer of DFO on Nexon to post to this Blog with their Character Infos in the following Manner:

  • Character Name(s)
  • Class
  • Level
  • Most Frequented Channels & Services ( Like PvP.)
  • Specialization( Don't be afraid to use words you don't usually use. :D)
  • How long you've beeen playing.

By using this, we can separate from who actually KNOWS what they're taking about, and those who imitate and hate.

Since I posted this blog, I'll start off.

Character Names: MrMizer; SirKaon

Classes: Slayer, Gunner

Levels: 14,11

Most Frequented Channel: Beginner- Elvenguard; Vagabond PvP Ch.1

Specialized in: Unlocking King's Road Maps; Item Finding; Information and Power Leveling

How Long You've Been Playing: Since The First Day of the Beta Testing.

Most of you might not wanna put down your Deet, but it's best if you did.

See You Soon, Space Cowboy~

Mr. Mizeroti Randem