Ghost Slash Edit

Summons a ghost into your weapon, then forcefully slashes and inflicts Shadow damage on enemies in a large area in front of you.

The attack range remains the same regardless of the weapon type.

Deals heavy damage, but has long after delay.

Quick activation time and the large attack range is useful to blow away multiple targets.

Only Soul Bender can learn beyond level 10

  • Description:
  • Command Input:

Press "Z" while holding ↑*Details and Remarks:

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Kazan Edit

Cast Time: .3 sec

Downtime: 20 sec

Summons Kazan for the duration of this skill; increases the Strength and Intelligence of you and other friendly targets within Kazan's range.

  • Lvl 1

Required lvl 5 or higher, 25 SP

Str & Int +15 for 20 sec

  • Lvl 2

Required lvl 8 or higher, 25 SP

Str & Int +30 for 20 sec

  • Lvl 3

Moonlight Slash Edit

Instant Cast

Downtime: 4 sec

Inflicts damage with a left-handed slash. Recasting the skill enables an additional one-handed upward slash. This skill advances your character slightly forward while slashing; control your moving distance with the Arrow Keys. Learning Full Moonlight Slash enables you to recast the skill and do an additional two-handed upward slash after the one-handed upward slash.

  • Lvl 1

Required lvl 15 or higher, 25 SP

Left-Handed Slash's Magic Weapon Attack Strength: 80%, Upward Slash's Magic Weapon Attack Strength: 96%, Two-Handed Upward Slash's Magic Weapon Attack Strength: 104%

  • Lvl 2