A Priest is a powerful warrior who has dedicated his life to holy pursuits, namely the eradication of evil. He is driven by a single mission: to prevent the resurrection of the demon Ozma and his devilish minions. To aid him in this pious pursuit, the Priest carries large, terrifying weapons, such as giant wooden crosses or daunting totem poles, with which he bashes open the skulls of all creatures that dare cross him. Blessed by holy power, a Priest also has limited magical ability, used for healing or enhancing himself for battle.(From Nexon page about Priests).

About PriestsEdit

Priest is a very useful character , having healing and buff abilities , and at the same time Priest are monsters at hand-to-hand combat. Priest , having the ability to heal himself and his allies , do not stack up on hp potions much , but they do stack up on mp.A priest's weapons consist of giant crosses , totem poles , or giant rosaries. Priest , similar to slayers , have the ability called "Heavy Armor Mastery" which allows the character who has it to avoid the deductions without the heavy armor master. Beware , you would rather have a priest on your side than on the others.


Crusader: Armed with healing and defensive spells, a Crusader adds much valued support to dungeon-bound parties. However, a Crusader has no problem leaping into a fight and inflicting healthy amounts of damage to the wicked scourge of Arad.

Monk: A Priest whose talents lie in hand-to-hand pummeling becomes a Monk. As he smashes his weapons into the ground, he creates a holy ring, within which his stats increase. A Monk is also highly trained in evasive techniques such as ducking and swaying, striking his floundering enemies with blessed force.

Exorcist: Versed in Suju's traditional incantations, an Exorcist banishes evil with his very words. He is particularly adept at wielding the Giant Cross and using holy amulets to deal even more damage over larger areas. And by embodying the spiritual energy of Suju, an Exorcist benefits from the unique self-upgrading skills called Chakras associated with him.