The Mage comes to Arad from the dying magical world of Pandemonium, hoping to find a way to revive her land. However, she finds that in order to do that, she must first save Arad itself. With the appearance of a petite, young girl, the Mage is the smallest class in terms of physical stature. But she wields considerable magical power, casting spells that attack, confound and destroy the enemy. (From Nexon website).


About a MageEdit

Mages are the best at using spells , although they suffer from having low physical strengh. Mages use spells so often , it drains quickly. Though this is almost countered by a mage's mp recovery speed. Mages can summon , control elements , and even power up their own physical strengh to deal large amounts of damage. Mages are very good at dodging attacks and even stunning thier opponents for a long period of time. They have "Cloth Armor Mastery" which gives mages a little bonus for wearing cloth armor. The downside of this is that cloth armor is the weakest type of armor and is very difficult to a mage as mages know cloth is very weak.


Elementalist: A Mage who has a kinship with nature becomes an Elementalist, able to control and manipulate the four elements of Fire, Ice, Light and Shadow. She primarily resorts to long-range attacks, blanketing large areas with damage. An Elementalist often specializes in one specific element, fully embracing its characteristics.

Summoner: A Mage who reaches into the power of the Core—the source of all magical energy—chooses to become a Summoner and develops special spells that allow her to call upon the spirits and beasts of Arad to aid her in battle.

Witch: A Gifted student of the ancient texts of Pandemonium eventually becomes a Witch. Among the many magical contraptions at a Witch's disposal is the iconic broomstick, from which she can attack her enemies from the air. A Witch also dabbles in the mysterious art of alchemy, and takes on a familiar—a helpful magical pet—to support her in battle. Since her powers are grounded in a near mathematical understanding of magical learning, her attacks are based on probabilities. The higher the probability, the more deadly the attack.

Battle Mage: A Mage who prefers the full-contact satisfaction of combat becomes a Battle Mage and attacks with close-range weapons and spells. However, being of diminutive stature, her magical powers manifest as defensive Chasers, magical spheres infused with various elemental properties that serve as a powerful buffer between her and the relentless barrage of enemy attacks. A Battle Mage is fast, possesses superhuman fighting skills and is the only Mage able to master weaponry.