A Gunner who really loves to blow things up specializes in heavy weapons and becomes a Launcher. He carries an armory full of the kind of firepower that deals massive area damage, wiping out entire flanks of advancing enemies at a time.

Why be a Launcher? Well, if you prefer a single powerful explosion over a long succession of minor attacks, then this is your subclass. A Launcher’s arsenal includes massively destructive weapons that cause damage over a wide area from a distance, which can come in handy when covering fellow party members. (From Nexon Website.)

About LaunchersEdit

Launchers are destructive machines that like to blow up stuff by first making a trap. A launcher can cover wide areas and instantly pull of a combo. Launchers also have some one-on-one combos such as BBQ. A launcher's true strenghs come from its skills , as they usually dont use thier normal attacks. They prefer to use heavy armor or leather armor , depending on which you would like speed better or power. Launchers have heavy weapons that might also slow down thier speed. Remember this , as a Launcher wont let a prey go free.