What she lacks in magical might she more than makes up for in physical strength and agility. A Fighter likes to charge right into close-range combat, fists flailing, fury fired up. She usually sports gauntlets, knuckles, claws or even boxing gloves. And as she gains experience knocking out monsters, the more expansive her repertoire of fighting moves becomes: the back-breaking Suplex, the earth-shaking Seismic Punch, even the swift and subtle Low Kick, which allows her to deliver quick, powerful jabs to her enemies' legs, disrupting their movement. (From Nexon website).


About the Female FighterEdit

Fighters are very quick and strong. They deal multiple amounts of damage and can even attack fallen enemies. Most fighters do aerial combos and are prone to exposing dirty tricks when enemies fall. Fighters have balanced strengh and speed but the problem is they have low hp and mp. Though with this weakness , fighters almost always come out alive. Fighters have "light armor mastery" so it adds bonuses if she wears light armor , which is good because light armor is the third strongest armor , just right after leather and before heavy armor.


Nen Master: A Fighter who follows the teachings of Nen becomes a Nen Master . She can harness the mystical powers of Nen to enhance her already incredible fighting skill, allowing her to shoot bolts of life-draining energy at her foes and to perform superhuman, acrobatic feats. She uses cloth armor.

Dungeon fighter nenmaster

Female Nen Master

Striker: A Fighter who continues on the path of pure fighting learns to strike faster than any other subclass of fighter. Her training focuses on physical strikes rather than defensive or magical enhancements to her fighting style. She uses light armor.

Brawler: An unstoppable thug who will do anything to win a fight becomes a Brawler. Not necessarily interested in the sporting aspects of conflict, a Brawler uses blades, poisons and other items to give her the upper hand. She is also prone to exploit dirty tricks, such as throwing sand in her opponents' eyes and even kicking them after they've fallen. She uses heavy armor.

DF Brawler

Female Bralwer

Grappler: A Fighter who takes advantage of leverage and weight becomes a Grappler. A Grappler is adept at grabbing and throwing her opponents, often times into other opponents. Rarely does she ever get hit, darting and jumping around erratically. A true powerhouse when it comes to dungeons. She uses light armor.


Female Grappler