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Empyrean law mandates that each female child take a test before her fifth birthday. Those who demonstrate exceptional talent are then able to enter into extensive training, prepping them to join an elite division of the Imperial Guards called the Imperial Princess Garden. Women of this privileged minority end up not only defending Empyrean from its enemies, but also playing leadership roles in their societies, lending their expertise to all sorts of technology, from instruments of war to vital communication technologies.


Weapons: Auto guns, Revolvers, Bow guns, Muskets, Hand cannons

Armor Preference: Leather


Ranger: While most male Rangers hail from the lawless district of Empyrean, most female Rangers are fully-trained members of the Imperial Army. Those cadets in the Empyrean army who show an affinity for firearms are selected for rigorous Ranger training. When they complete this program, they join a secret state organization formed to execute dangerous, covert operations. In a side note Rangers specialize in revolvers and it is their prefered weapon choice, along with Leather as their prefered armor.

Launcher: Some claim that heavy firearms require a degree of physical stamina not found among females. The women of Empyrean prove them wrong. Intense training and sheer willpower have molded these women into brutal Launchers. While female Launchers don’t pack heat as heavy as their male counterparts, they are far more agile. In a side note Launchers prefer to use Hand cannons and specialize in Heavy armor.

Mechanic: Through the ages, Empyrean women have played an important role in the field of mechanics. In fact, three of the seven Masters were female. Female Mechanics have developed a technology unique from—and more practical than—that of their male counterparts. There are many female Mechanics actively working in Seven Shards, the greatest research facility in Empyrean. In a side note Mechanics prefer Muskets as it provides magic related bonuses and they specialize in Cloth armor.

Spitfire: In Empyrean culture, females have traditionally played an active role in fields that require combat strategies, like varying the bullet you use depending on the situation, and analyzing your combat theater to determine how best to employ traps. That may be why so many female names appear on lists of the most prominent Spitfires. In a side note Spitfires prefer Muskets or Bow guns due to there magic related bonuses ( similar to Mechanic) and they specialize in Leather armor.