Neutral Wave Sword Edit

Casting Time: 0.2 sec

Downtime: 2 sec

Summons Neutral Wave Sword quickly in front of you. The Neutral Wave Sword pushes back and knocks down enemies. The Neutral Wave Sword's size increases when this skill's level is raised.

  • Lvl 1

Required lvl 5 or higher, 20 SP

Magic Attack Strength: 95% +36, Size Expansion: 100%

  • Lvl 2

Wave Wheel Slasher Edit

Casting Time: .4 sec

Downtime: 8 sec

Slashes the enemy in front of you upward, and casts a Wave Wheel to deliver multi-attacks and knock back enemies. This skill's upward and downward slashes inflict damage only to the grabbed enemy while the Wave Wheel inflicts damage on both the grabbed enemies as well as surrounding enemies. Grab Decision: Can Grab enemies in the Super Armor and Guard status, but some enemies are immune to Grabs. If you have learned the Wave Manifestation Brand, then casting this skill will create 1 Wave Manifestation.

  • Lvl 1

Required lvl 10 or higher, 20 SP

Upward Slash Magic Weapon Attack Strength: 70%, Downward Magic Weapon Attack Strength: 100%, Wave Wheel Magic Weapon Attack Strength: 77%, Wave Wheel multi-hits: 3

  • Lvl 2

Cancel - Wave Wheel Slasher Edit


Required lvl 20 or higher, 50 SP

Lvl 5 Wave Wheel Slasher required

Cancels normal attacks to cast the Wave Wheel Slasher.